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Our Company Story

VAKIFAFRICA Corporation Limited is an emerging consultancy, business, investment and infrastructure development company focused on delivery of total solutions using processes that are technically accurate and highly efficient. VAKIFAFRICA Corporation aspires to be a leading consultancy, engineering, procurement and supply, construction, project management and investment management company in Southern Africa, with a special focus on the Zambian market. The company executes diverse scopes of work on both large-scale and small-scale projects. VAKIFAFRICA Corporation also participates in projects and investment ventures as a strategic equity partner. We are a customer focused company that believes in building relationships with our clients by understanding their business undertakings and products. Our competitive advantage is that we can forge alliances, reach vendors and ‘local stakeholders in a way that clients cannot, and in so doing structure the most efficient approach to specific projects both Brownfield and Greenfield projects across various sectors. By partnering with VAKIFAFRICA Corporation in business development, project execution and investment ventures, our customers can reduce up-front capital costs, minimize operating costs, be guaranteed project continuity with the flexibility to manage exceptional conditions and remain focused on the specifics of the operation under their control to ensure that they achieve the financial and quality goals of the project.

VakifAfrica Corp.